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61 Bread St
Edinburgh, EH3 9AH

0131 447 4524

Digital Design Services, 61 Bread Street, is located just around the corner from Edinburgh Art College, in the West Port area of the city. The studio has been a home to a number of freelance artists and photographers over the years and the small exhibition space that forms part of the building has displayed artwork from some of the UK and Ireland’s finest digital artists.

Nick Harris 1


 Some New Fangled Nonsense by Nick Harris

Some New Fangled Nonsense by Nick Harris

Nick Harris:

Born 1958 in Gosport, Hampshire, Nick has spent most of his adult life in the City of Gloucester. More than twenty five of those years have been occupied by fumbling along as a freelance illustrator, mostly for Children's books. Nearly twenty of those years had him splashing about with watercolours, before the advance of progress whacked him round the back of the head and demand he take notice. The move to digital was not the smoothest transition, but more akin to 'wading through treacle in a long frock'. Now he finds it hard to imagine his creative life without the whirring box.